Name Of the CEO/Head of The Company
Name Of the Organisationyour full name
Fascia Nameyour full name
Addressyour full name
Cityyour full name
Stateyour full name
Telyour full name
Mobyour full name
Faxyour full name
Emailyour full name
Websiteyour full name
Details Of the Primary Mission Member(Person Travelling for the Show)
Name Of Mission Memberyour full name
Name Of the Organisation
E-mail Id
Contact Details Of The Show Co-ordinator(responsible for the queries on the show)
Name Of the Secretary/Co-ordinator
Mobile Numberyour full name
E-mail idyour full name
Annual Turnover Of the Companyyour full name
Number Of Employeesyour full name
IEC Code*your full name
Udyog Adhaar Numberyour full name
DIN Numberyour full name
HS Code :6-Digit*your full name
HS Code :6-Digit*your full name
HS Code :6-Digit*your full name
HS Code :6-Digit*your full name
CIN Numberyour full name
Company PAN Numberyour full name
TYPE OF COMPANY (Private Limited/Proprietor/Partnership/State/Central Government)*:your full name
Membership with any Business Chamber:your full name
Reference:your full name
Have you received MAI assistance for any of the exhibition For this Financial Year 16-17pick one!

You may please note that a company with a particular IEC code can recieve Financial assistance under MAI Scheme maximum 2 times in one financial year as per the norms of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Company Profile(Briefly mention not more than 150 words about your company, products and services as well as any other point about your organizanization that you may like to highlight)

Company Profilemore details
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Specific Business Interests in Budapest (not more than 50 words)more details
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Personal Profile of Head of company/Primary Mission member(Briefly mention is not more than 50 words your educational & professional background as well as any other point you may like to highlight)

Personal Profilemore details
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Mention the countries to which your company is exporting:your full name
Passport Details Of Mission Member
Passport No.*your full name
Name as in Passportyour full name
Date of Issueof appointment
Date of Birthof appointment
Place of Issueyour full name
Date of Expiryof appointment
Travel Experience (Countries visited earlier)your full name
Have you ever been arrested for/been charged with or convicted of any criminal offence in any country?pick one!
Have you faced any visa rejection for any foreign countries?pick one!
Are you holding the Europe Visapick one!
Do you need a Visa Recommendationpick one!
Enclosures Checklist
pick one!
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